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'Registration Payment Software for Events, Programs & Promotions'

> Payments into your club’s bank account deposited overnight

Golf EMS puts money from every per-transaction registration into your club’s bank account, overnight… safe and secure for vastly improved cash flow.

> Easy-to-use, customized registration forms accessible 24-7

We make it easy to create golf specific forms for events and programs in minutes and allow participants to register from their home or office; any time of the day or night; AND they can PAY with a click.

> Detailed data-capture and reports

With all the information that goes into any given Event or Club Program, with Golf EMS you can access that information with a simple click. Get answers, download excel docs anytime - from any computer - and see the perfect target-audience for your next event.

> Increase player rounds with superior event/program marketing

Golfers today want ‘fast and easy’ when it comes to the Internet and what they do with their day. With Golf EMS you deliver both, and the result is maximum convenience, improved participation and increased player rounds through greater marketing reach.


How it works


We connect your e-commerce account with the Golf EMS system.


We create uniquely customized eCommerce registration forms for your events & programs.


THEN, you place the form link on website pages, in e-mail blasts, on Facebook® and Twitter®



Supported by the most advanced, secure and easy-to-use eCommerce platform in the golf industry

Make it easy for participants to ...

Click, Join & Pay

Events & Outings

Memberships & Leagues

Academies & Lessons

Golf Packages


Special Events

It’s that easy! Call 1-866-847-4762 today and let’s get started!

Top 5 Reasons Golf Clubs Choose Golf EMS



1. Collect payments faster than ever before!

2. Cuts down wasted employee time for simple administration.

3. Sell-out events and programs to grow player rounds.

4. Easier for people to sign up for events and programs.

5. Create new and exciting revenue streams.





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