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Here at Golf EMS, we are like any proud Tech Company. We look on ourselves as builders first. Our Developers have been building for years and continue to build today. We are at the point now when we’ve built enough to start making statements. The statements we were looking toward 3 or 4 years ago as we kept adding solutions to our product. Here is the statement we’ve been waiting to make.

We can help every Golf Club.

Golf EMS is Registration & Payment Software. All our solutions are born from our understanding of the path your revenue flows along. It simply must be performing at its best always. It must be robust, secure, and adaptable.

There isn’t a phone call we can take where we don’t have a solution in place for whatever type of operation that Club operates. We’ve got you covered.

  • Memberships and private Club functionality.
  • Leagues & recurring groups.
  • E-Vouchers and gift certificate issuance & redemption.
  • Summer camps and Academies.
  • One-off tournaments & events.
  • Everything F&B from daily flow to individual event processing.

We can introduce a solution or improve upon an existing one. Either way your management of the money flowing through your facility will have an excellent Customer Journey on the front end for ease and confidence from your customers. Plus, a secure and sophisticated back end that will process daily revenues into your account overnight after each operating day.

With customers up & down and Coast-to-Coast across North America, we have seen it all. Every type of Club in every type of market and every type of operational seasonality. We’ve built out our capabilities, so we have a solution for every operation.

Our 2 incredible partners at Club Prophet and Lightspeed are proudly presenting us to their roster of Clubs. Showcasing what a powerful interface partnership can mean to a Club looking to maximize their experience inside their software systems.

We will have a couple more partnership announcements coming in the next year.

Next phase for us? Width and depth within our customer base. Adding more MCO’s while we grow within every partnership. What may be our toughest path is actually the path we started on and gained most of our learning from – those incredible one-off Clubs working so hard to protect and maximize their individual storefront operation. This is our specialty. It can sometimes be time consuming for sales, adoption, and onboarding but it’s so rewarding and gratifying. This is the process we were born from and are excited to continue to represent.

So, Join us on this journey. Connect through LinkedIn so we can keep you updated or hop onto our calendar and book a time for a chat and brief Demo.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

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