Let's face it, there are too many reasons out there for making our customers' lives easier and more successful. But lets look at soome of the ways eCommerce and Online Event Registration can solves some important issues for event organizers.

  1. Activate your SOCIAL MEDIA REACH, REACTION and ENGAGEMENT, with compelling online registration offers and payment: The more participants you enable your event customers to access, the more player rounds you will generate inside the event.

  2. REDUCE PHONE CALLS, emails and other time-consuming communications for your staff: Decrease costs, increase profits.

  3. COLLECT INTERESTED, OPTED-IN EMAIL ADDRESSES to build your loyal, returning-customer base: Don’t rely on expensive thrid-party email marketing or 'deal engines'. Build your own database with each event, and keep the profit.

  4. INCREASE PLAYER ROUNDS by making it easier for your customers to say ‘yes’, sign-up and see promotions for upcoming programs and events: 'Click, Join & Pay' results in greater participation, and increased event revenues.

  5. TALK TO PARTICIPANTS WHERE THEY ARE, increasingly online… on their laptops, tablets and smartphones: 80-90% of Golf EMS registrations are coming from mobile devices, including tablets: this means people are interacting with registration forms often while they are on the move - don't miss out on this timing or activity.

  6. INCREASE YOUR CLUB’S CASH FLOW and get paid fast: IT'S THAT SIMPLE. Get paid for your event player rounds, and help your event customers be successful.