Top 5 Reasons to offer Online Registration Payment Services to your Event and Tournament Customers:


1. CASH FLOW: You simply get paid much quicker than waiting until the event is over. Think about being paid in FULL by May for an event in September.

2. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Who doesn't want a happier customer? By relieving them of the hardship of collecting cash payments for their event registrations, you take away the biggest pain point they face in organizing their event.

3. MAXIMIZE PARTICIPATION: If it's easy to sign up, more people will. It's that simple. We like to call it; "Click, Join & Pay".

4 . REPEAT CUSTOMER: If your event customer has Online Registration Payment Services set up at your club, and it made their life SO MUCH EASIER, then they will be more likely to stay at your club the following year.

5. REDUCE STAFF TIME: For items like 'pre-paid club rentals' sitting in the carts the day of the event, staff will spend much less time running around before the event. You can now access many details regarding the event, all from any computer or mobile device.

BONUS REASON: Let's not forget that when participants sign up online through your Registration Payment System, you are getting each player's EMAIL ADDRESS, asking them to join your email newsletters. It's a great way to build your database of followers.

Online registration and eCommerce marketing + payment is where the business of golf is headed next, and the smart way to grow your event business without major infrastructure investments and course/track alterations.

Bottom Line: Offering Online Registration Services for event customers, makes so much sense, on so many levels.