Ultimate Flexibility In Pricing

  • Transaction Fee is added at check out and paid by Registrant
  • Both plans include Unlimited Registration Form Building

"I have recently enrolled in the Golf EMS program, and in spite of being a computer neophyte was up and running in no time. We filled the 60 spots for our junior program is less than a week, whereas in the past it took months."

Craig Rencher, Head Golf Professional
District of Saanich, Cedar Hill Golf Course

How does it work?

Option #1

Transaction Fee.  A transaction (Usage) fee is added to the registration order and paid for by the registrant upon check-out, making this option ‘FREE’ for you, the club.  You can also hide the transaction fee so it does not appear in the ‘check-out' step.  

The Transaction (Usage) Fee is based on the purchase amount of the Registration,
as you see from the chart below (it all makes sense when you take the demo).

$1.00 - $50: $.95 Usage Fee
$50.01 to $99.99: $1.95 Usage Fee
$100+: $2.95 Usage Fee

Option #2 

Your club pays a flat fee of $200.00 per month for unlimited use, and then you charge whatever transaction fee you decide to, or no fee at all.  In this case you keep the transaction fee as revenue for your club.

How can Golf EMS make me money?

In both cases when you use Golf EMS as a value added service for your events and outings customers, you decide what you want to charge for the service, I.E; $250, or offer it to them as an incentive to hold their event at your club.  Either way, Golf EMS is the least expensive Registration Payment Service in the golf industry today, they will love you for the service you provide.