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Our mission is to provide affordable, flexible access

to the most advanced, secure and easy-to-use Online Registration Payment Platform for Golf Club; Events, Programs, Academies and Promotions.


Golf EMS Pricing components:



One Time System Set-Up Fee: $499.00

This is a one time, non-recurring fee that covers: 

- Account activation 

- Training for all staff members

- Help building all of your first set of Registration Forms

- Ongoing support (read the reviews on our support, thats where we both win)

Per Transaction Convenience / Handling Fee: $2.95

Golf EMS is a transactional fee service, there are no ongoing monthly or yearly fees.

(Does not include standard credit card processing fees)


How does the 2.95 Handling Fee work?

It's simple, we charge a handling fee of $2.95 per order (upon check-out):

Subtotal: $200.00

User Fee: $2.95 

TOTAL ORDER: $ 202.95


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