Why eCommerce for your golf event and program business


Why eCommerce?



- Over 20% of people (general public) said they were most likely to make their next golf equipment purchase online*

- 53% of golfers planned to purchase golf equipment in the next 12 months, and are considering booking their next golfing trip online within 18-24 months       


- More than 90% of golfers are using the internet on a regular basis

- Golfers prefer to book their golfing trips online

- 1/3 of all retail golf sales in North America were made online

        * Online golf industry stats for 2012-14 from Nextopia / Statista.com / SportsandLeisureSearch


Golf EMS - Delivers affordable, flexible access to the most advanced, secure and easy-to-use eCommerce and online event-management platform, in the golf industry.


“In 2015-16 the business of generating event, program and promotional revenue is turning to eCommece for efficiency and better customer experience”.

The customer-focused, convenient and secure sale of tournament registrations, promotions, packages and internal events online will turn your website into a cash register today.
Over 90% of the golf demographic in North America purchased something online in the last two years
Yet Over 80% of golf courses in North America still have nothing to sell on their websites, and have no online merchant account.
> SELL WHAT YOUR GOLF CUSTOMERS REALLY WANT TO BUY, on your website, all year long

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