Case Studies

Saddleback Golf Club

Saddleback Golf Club

Saddleback Golf Club is a full-service golf facility located in Denver, Colorado.  Making the top 10 list of the Most Friendliest Golf Club in the USA, Saddleback provides all the necessary services of a public facility.


“Golf EMS does everything we need it to do in terms of getting customers signed into events and paid online.  We no longer have to write credit card numbers down on pieces of paper taking up staff time, and payments go through our Club Profit gateway while the order goes into Club Profit POS” 

Josh Clay, General Manager, Saddleback Golf Club


The Need

Make it easy to join and pay for their unique and weekly Nine & Dine events.  

Especially in times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the club needed a quick, easy, and ‘touchless’ payment process.

The Solution

By creating a simple but effective Registration Payment form with Golf EMS, participants could easily access the sign-up form and join the event from any mobile or desktop device.

The Results

There is no need to have groups of people in the clubhouse signing up manually with staff, or over the phone.  Participants can easily join the event on their own time, in a safe environment.


Reducing manual ‘sing-ups’ has created a much-needed efficiency while offering staff and participants a safe environment that makes life easier for both.