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Top 5 eCommerce Cash Flow Tips for Fall

As the season winds down don't get caught thinking that your sales revenue is winding down too, because it doesn't have to, not with Golf EMS and an eCommerce Gateway account.


We all know the internet is open 24/7/365, what you may not know is that people often want to sign up for events and programs after your club closes for the season, or after 5:00pm when the clubhouse is closed.

People these days want the flexibility to purchase and sign up to things themselves, as opposed to picking up the phone and hoping to get someone on the other end, which face it, is more oftener than not impossible these days.
Here are our top 5 things that eCommerce can help you with when your clubhouse is closed for the day, or the season:
2018 Programs that sell out fast; 
People don't want to miss out, they want to know they are booked so they won't forget and loose the opportunity
Get your leagues booked early;
This allows you plenty of time to organize your leagues, not to mention the awesome cash flow that you receive during the off season
Special Golf Packages;
Whether its for fall promotions or Christmas Specials, or for that matter; Early Bird 2018 Spring Specials, if its not on your website ready to purchase, people can buy it and you loose the opportunity to make great cash flow
Membership renewals and New Membership purchases:
At Golf EMS we have seen Membership renewals sold at every hour of the day. Get your 2018 Memberships for sale on your website the second you have the pricing and details available
2018 Golf Tournaments
Every event you hold at your club, whether its an internal or external customer event, should have Online Registration and Payment capability available for participants to use. When you sign a 2018 contract for an event, give them the opportunity to register through your website, you get all the data, and better yet the cash flow for a 2018 event starts coming in as early as the end of 2017, what can be better than that?

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