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Organize the Organizers

If you’ve ever organized people and collected money for a corporate or charity golf tournament, then you know precisely what a tough job it can be.

By eliminating the biggest PAIN POINT involved in organizing a golf event - collecting payments and the best information avaliable on each golfer - you free-up your organizer's time... creating a much better experience and improved client satisfaction and loyalty.

Then they can spend more time organizing a compelling event that returns year-after-year to your venue, and generate more profit for your club.

And if you run a golf course that acts as ‘host venue’ for dozens or even hundreds of tournaments a year, then you know how hard it is to deliver a memorable golf experience, when the ‘organizers’ can't be organized enough.


Golf courses and their event partners are now going online to make both ends of tournament set-up easier, and more successful than ever.

It’s 2017, and golf event organizers simply don’t need to be running around anymore... collecting cheques and cash from golfers who want to play in their tournament.

And you can help them: customized online registration and eCommerce payment makes it easy to reach participants where and when it’s most convenient for them to commit, share information AND pay to participate:
Host clubs and their events can now offer this option out to potential participants with less overhead, and substantial savings of both time and money. 
Less workload for event organizers
Reduce staff time on phone and over email / fax
  • No more 'chasing participants' for cheques or cash
  • Decrease ‘no shows’, and increase course player-rounds
  • Improve participant information and data collection
  • Market your next event or promotion: advertising on the online page selling your current tournament
It's hard enough to organize a great golf tournament and collect registration info and fees, let alone provide superb 'day of' execution.
With Golf EMS Registration Payment Software, you can take control of your event business now.

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