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1. Use a paper sign-up sheet at the counter, at any golf night, league or event 

Using a paper sign-up sheet is one of the simplest ways to grow your email list. And it’s also one of the most effective. This is especially true if you have a retail store or a brick and mortar location where you interact with customers face-to-face.
The trick is to make the benefit of your email list clear. What’s in it for your subscribers? Will they receive special offers? Will they be the first to know about your new online registration and payment sign-up capability?
2. Add a sign-up button to your email
Not everyone who sees your email will be on your email list.
If you share e-blast content on Social Media or someone else shares your content, for example, many fans and followers won’t be on your email list. People may also be forwarding your emails to their friends.
This is something Brandon Stewart, a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas learned:
“I realized that if I put content in the newsletter that is really popular, people would share it. That’s been invaluable,” Brandon says. “They share it on Facebook or pass it along to their friends, and then their friends ask to subscribe. Every time I send out a newsletter, I’ll get new subscribers back.”
To make it easy for people to sign up, add a ‘join our newsletter mailing list’ link to any email you send out, along with any links to your Social Media platforms. 
3. Put a sign-up form on your website
Your website will be the first contact many people have with your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay connected with new visitors.
If you have a WordPress site, a ‘Contact’ form for email submissions is easy to achieve.
4. Collect email addresses when people sign-up for an event
If you host events where people register or purchase tickets in advance, you’ll likely already be collecting important contact information. This is the perfect time to ask people to join your email list, and already covered with Golf EMS online payment and registration.
5. Look to your existing database
Don’t overlook your existing database of contacts. Colleagues, friends, and family members can help kickstart your list growth.
6. Let people sign up with their phone
Make it convenient for customers to join your email list by giving them the option to sign up using their mobile device.
Text-to-join tools let people join your list by sending a text message to a custom code that’s unique to your business.
7. Add a sign-up option to your membership forms (online and hard-copy)
If you have a membership business or organization, you’re probably already asking people for contact information when they sign up.
You can encourage them to join your mailing list online by adding an additional field to your online sign-up forms, or face-to-face when people sign up at your location.
8. Collect through guest wifi
Do you have guest wifi available to patrons at your club?
An app like Gazella Wifi lets you grow your email list without having to lift a finger. Once the app is set up, guests will enter their email address to access your free wifi.
9. Run a Facebook Ad
Facebook offers a number of advertising options you can use to reach a new social media audience.
10. Offer exclusive access
The best way to get people interested in your email marketing is to offer something that they can’t find anywhere else (especially at a competing golf club near you!), or that they can’t resist in terms of value. 

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