About Golf EMS

Powerful eCommerce, made simple.

Golf EMS Inc. is the golf industry's premiere Registration Payment Software, built for golf club owner/operators and used by hundreds of leading clubs everywhere.

Powered by the most advanced online technologies available today, Golf EMS produces powerful eCommerce and online management solutions made simple... for events, programs and promotions.

Built for golf clubs, golf management companies and course networks, our software solution and advisory services are designed to produce:

  • Superior customer satisfaction, convenience and loyalty
  • New, lasting online revenue streams
  • Easy-to-use online management tools and functionality
  • More control over your event business, programs and promotions

Operating in now-proven test markets across North America since 2012, Golf EMS is taking its eCommerce and event management capabilities deep into the golf industry marketplace. We only make money when our clients make money, as event-based eCommerce truly begins to benefit more and more clubs... and especially your golf customers.

Online registration and eCommerce marketing + payment is where the business of golf is headed next, and the smart way to grow your event business without major infrastructure investments and course/track alterations.

Powerful eCommerce Made Simple... for Events, Programs and Promotions