Top 5 Reasons to use Online Event Registration and Payment


1. Improving the Customer Experience at Your Club

The days when people had to stand in long lines and wait on the 'day of' for their turn to register... are simply long gone. 

Online registration software makes it so easy for your customers to register for an event and get THEIR DETAILS right, from the comfort of their own home. Your customer saves time and money, and they can look forward to the event without having to arrive and experiences any hassles or misunderstanding. The end result is more participants, more satisfied customers... simply because you made things easy for them.

That's where consistent, repeated customer loyalty comes from.

2. Saving Time and Cutting Down the Costs

When customer satisfaction is the number one priority of any golf course manager, maintaining that satisfaction while managing-down costs is the perfect solution for everyone. Golf EMS' Online Registration Software does not require course-staff intervention with customers, and that alone can bring your costs down significantly.

3. Using the Best Practices of the Golf Industry

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Save yourself time and hassle – everything you need is already done for you and has been tested, and proven, over 5+ years. We've done it all with one goal in mind: higher, more cost-effective attendance for tournaments, leagues, clinics, camps and academies.

Online Registration Software has many advantages over traditional registration methods, an important one being the ability to give your customers various registration options. This will not only tailor the experience for each customer, but also brings in increased revenue. Gettting paid directly for event player rounds is a natural extension of your golf operations.

4. More Revenue

Online registration software has many advantages over the traditional methods, one of them being the possibility of giving the customer various registration options. This will not only tailor the experience of each customer but will also bring in much more revenue. Get paid dirtectly for event player rounds is a natural extension of your operations.

5. Improving Your Management Options

Online registration and event management software isn’t just helpful because of the automation process in place, it also provides all kinds of necessary info to the event manager, which can make all the difference when key decisions are being made.

Some of the info includes:

  • Real time access to the number of confirmed participants – including different parameters like profession, designation, age, location and more
  • Easy-to-calculate ROI on the event at any point in the process
  • Access to historical data which can be compared to current event data
  • Easy tracking of cancellations and pending payments
  • Fast-access to all registered customers
  • Email addresses of all participants, for future opted-in marketing and promotions purposes 

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