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Tips for Black Friday and other seasonal selling

How To Sell More Before, During and After Black Friday

 by Sherice Jacob

Are you ready?

Shoppers and retailers alike are gearing up for Black Friday.

And judging by the competitive rush to get the most customers in the door (or on the screen), you’d think Black Friday was already in full swing.

No matter what you’re selling, these seasonal marketing tips will help you sell more before, during and after Black Friday.


How To Sell More Before Black Friday

Smart retailers know that customers are in the buying spirit well before Black Friday.

To break up some of the crowd bottleneck on Black Friday and ring more sales, brands such as NewEgg are getting a head start with their Black November. Or a day full of deals like Groupon’s Grouponicus, a mashup of Groupon, Hannukah, and Christmas which began on November 14th and runs through the end of the year.

Your imagination is the only limit to creating a theme that sustains sales well before (and after) Black Friday.

New Egg Black November

Old Navy makes a push over a three day period with their “Gobblepalooza” sale.

How To Sell More Online During Black Friday

Web savvy mobile device users will be hunting for deals even as they shop.  To take advantage, bake a social media component into your offer.

Coupon codes were flying on Twitter, people were inviting their friends to Facebook “brand parties” (see Lowes example below) and generally staying connected.  This works great with Black Friday sales because of the urgency that’s inherent in early-bird deals.

Lowe’s Black Friday Sneak Peek Facebook Page offers an exclusive look for its Facebook fans.  Once you are a fan, Lowe’s will be sure to keep your Facebook news feed up-to-date during the Black Friday madness.

Offering exclusive deals to social media followers is a powerful way to get your offer to spread across the social web.

Consider giving out Mystery Coupons to your fans or make coupons exclusive to different social networks.

Big5 Sports “Thurstastic” promotion is brilliant – every Thursday an exclusive coupon gets delivered to Facebook fans.

Big 5 Mystery Coupon Facebook PageBig5’s mystery coupon gives away a different percentage off to Facebook fans

How will you take advantage of the social web to sell more during Black Friday?

What kind of special exclusives could you give to your loyal customers?  Hand-picked gift suggestions for your best clients?  A discount for people who re-tweet your sale announcement?  What can you do that will not only make your shoppers feel special, but will also help spread the word?

How To Sell More After Black Friday

Businesses are so focused on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales that they often forget about the rest of the holiday sales season.

The Black Friday event gives you an opportunity to sow the seeds of a return visit from Black Friday customers.

Gift card sales continue to grow with sales reaching into the billions of dollars.   Not only do gift card purchasers buy now but they are likely to cause additional sales when the gift card is redeemed.

Gift cards are one market you can’t afford to ignore.

Many restaurants offer gift cards that offer a free appetizer to the “giver” as well producing additional revenue in the future.   Clothing retailer Kohls often gives away “Kohl’s cash” coupons to be redeemed at some point in the future (usually 1-2 weeks).

Kohls Coupon

What incentive can you create for your customers to return after the Black Friday buying frenzy is over?


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