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The Power of the 'Golf Package Promotion'

Most of us are familiar with selling golf packages as a great way to drive revenue, or to fill inventory gaps, etc. Golf Package Promotions can include programs such as Nine & Dine, Awesome Twosomes, Flex Passes. 

Lets look at some best practices that will help you maximize online Golf Package Promotion sales revenues using your Golf EMS Platform.

We have all run promotions before, but have you tried lately with your Golf EMS System, and positioned the Special Offer at the top of your website's home page? 

When it comes to positioning your special offers on your home page (and they should always be on your home page), location is everything. Just like Tim Hortons chooses the right corner to put a coffee shop, your special offers will always work better if they are displayed 'front and centre', where your visitors' eyes first go on your home page. 

Google says you have less than 8 seconds to get a CLICK Through from any given link. If visitors have to search for your promotions, the opportunity for a quick sale is lost.


 ... "Nobody can buy anything that isn't there"

We have all looked at a special offer and wondered:  Is it actually a good offer?

With Golf EMS courses and clubs have found great success when they provide the details of what their customers are saving, compared to the actual 'rack rates'. REMEMBER, with your Golf EMS Platform, you are in control of your pricing - there is no 'deal engine' taking a bite out of your margin.  Tell your customers how much they are saving when they purchase online, and on the spot.

With eCommerce marketing, everything happens in the background, no phones, no messages, no manual processing of orders, and best of all, NO WRITTING DOWN VISA NUMBERS!!!

We have seen Golf EMS users process 100+ orders in a single week, and when the club is closed and staff are not present to answer the phone. Remember, your Golf EMS eCommerce Platform is; open for business 24 - 7 - 365, it doesn't complain, it doesn't ask for a raise and it always does the right job every time.

Try it, especially using your Golf EMS Platform. People LOVE to golf, and they don't always buy just because you say "it's cheap". Instead of discounting, lean on your supplier for a few free golf shirts to add to the package, or a pro shop or food voucher.

There are many packages you can put together that look GREAT, even without a huge discount.

Next Week we will showcase a few successful Golf Package Promotions.


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